Dragon Warrior II Game Genie Codes

This page contains game genie codes created by John Ratliff for emuWorks. They may be reprinted in any form so long as the original website emuWorks is credited with their creation and origin.
Most of these codes were created using methods described (and at times devised) in documents created by Tony Hedstrom of the Code Hut.

Infinite battle HP OZNZNYOP
Infinite battle MP OXSZAPOP
Infinite overworld MP OXUAEUOO
No damage from swamps OUKXYOOO
Instead of Antidote Herb in
Middenhall item shop buy
AOUOUNLL - Thunder Sword for 500
AEUOUNLU - Iron Spear for 770
LOUOUNLL - Water Flying Cloth for 70
IOUOUNLU - Shield of Strength for 21500
PXUOUNLL - Mysterious Hat for 20000


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