PlayStation 2 (PS2) Save State Instructions

To use the save states on our website, follow these instructions. First, download and decompress the save state file. We recommend using WinRAR for this. Despite the name, it is available for Linux and Mac OS X as well.

To use the our save states unchanged, you must have an Action Replay MAX. All of our PlayStation 2 save states are in ARMAX format. You will need a pendrive and the Action Replay disc to load the save using the Max Memory manager. Remember to uncrush the save after you copy it to a memory card.

Don't have Action Replay MAX?

If you have another cheat device or save state manager, you may be able to translate ARMAX format saves into your devices save states. PS2 Save Builder is one such program that can do this for you. It can convert ARMAX to formats such as CodeBreaker, SharkPort, nPort, and XPort. Please note that emuWorks is not the author of this program and cannot help you with converting your save states. You can download PS2 Save Builder either at their website or here for version 0.8x. Thanks to gothi for allowing us to post a copy here.


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