The SNES CHTDecoder Program

The CHTDecoder program is a simple application designed to decipher those SNES emulator .CHT files (used in ZSNES and Snes9x) into plain text. You can load a .CHT file and it will decode the cheats inside it to plain text. These codes are also Pro Action Replay codes.

You can save the results to a file by using the save button.

From the original Java version, we have spawned versions in other languages.

A PHP version for people who cannot run the Java applet (or don't want to).

A Perl version for people who want a small console script.

A C++ version similar to the Java version (but with features similar to the Perl version and output similar to the PHP version).

The Java, C++, and Perl versions have a text mode that can be used if you download the program. The PHP version can only be used online. The Java and C++ versions have graphical modes (aka GUIs) which support drag and drop. The Java and C++ versions are the most refined and full-featured.

Why so many languages? Well, the Java version was created because I know Java very well. The PHP and perl versions were because people suggested them on the ZSNES message board, but they did not create them as I would have, so I wrote my own. The C++ version was because I always wanted to create a graphical C (or C++ in this case) program and it was a good learning project for wxWidgets.

Too many choices? Don't know which version is for you? Get wxCHTDecoder. It is the most complete and full-featured and shouldn't require any extra things to be installed (like a Java Virtual Machine).

The Java CHTDecoder & Applet
wxCHTDecoder (C++ version)
PHP CHTDecoder 1.2a
Download Perl CHTDecoder 1.0


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