Nintendo 64 Save State Instructions

To use the save states on our website, follow these instructions. First, download and decompress the save state file. We recommend using WinRAR for this. Despite the name, it is available for Linux and Mac OS-X as well.

To use the save states (not the save ram), you must use mupen64. I am unsure if the version is important, but it might be, so you should try to get the same version that we use. We supply the Windows version we used on our site. Information on mupen64 as well as downloads can be found here.

In Windows, the save states are placed in a directory within the install directory called save. So, if you installed in C:\Program Files\mupen, then you should put the save state(s) in C:\Program Files\mupen\save. The save states have extensions like .st0 and .st1.

I have only recently tried mupen. I usually use Project 64, but I needed something that would work in Linux, too. This seems to, though sometimes the save states are broken. Though I have tested all the ones in the archives, mupen is not the best n64 emulator in my opinion. Fortunately, the new emulators that support save ram all do it the same way. This means you can use the eep (the save files) in Project 64, 1964, or mupen. Maybe others, too, but these are the ones we have tested.

You will need the ROM to play the game.


Start the game in mupen and load the save state. We generally use the default save state unless there are multiple states in an archive, in which case we start at 1.

Don't like mupen?

If the game supports save ram, we also included the .eep (save ram file) with the archive. You should be able to use this to play in any emulator that supports SRAM saving, which nearly all the new ones do. We have tested this ability using Project 64 and 1964, but others may also work. We only supply save states for mupen at this time as it runs under both Windows and Linux. However, we have not tested loading our save states under Linux; we simply assume it will work.


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