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  1. Start of Game

    Start of game through the Cave to Brynmaer. Raised to Level 4.

  2. The Giant Poison Bug

    Save village of Oak; get Fire Sword and Ball of Fire. Raised to Level 6.

  3. The Tornado Bracelet

    Get the Tornado Bracelet. Raised to Level 9.

  4. Rescue the Villagers

    Save the villagers from General Kelbesque. Got Flame Bracelet.

  5. They Call Him Flipper

    Help the wounded dolphin. Get the Shell Flute. Got Water Sword and Blizzard Bracelet. Raised to Level 11.

  6. Why are Witches Always Girls?

    Defeated the Witch Sabera. Raised to Level 13.

  7. Fort Shyron

    Defeated Mado. Got Thunder Sword and Ball of Thunder.

  8. The Fortress Goa

    Defeated Draygon's Four. Raised to Level 16.

  9. The Emperor Draygon

    Defeated Emperor Draygon.

  10. The Floating Tower

    Destroyed Emperor Draygon and Dyna.

    1. Statues of Sun and Moon
    2. Emperor Draygon
    3. Draygon's True Form.
    4. Draygon's Dead.
    5. The Floating Tower
    6. Floor 2
    7. Floor 3
    8. Mesia
    9. Dyna
    10. End Game (state 0).


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