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  1. Start of Game

    Obtain Supplies from King Lorik of Tantagel. Purchase club and clothes. Raised to Level 3. Find Erdrick's Tablet in Erdrick's Cave.

  2. Visit the Early Towns

    Visited Garinham and Kol. Purchased Leather Armor and Dragon's Scale. Obtained Fairy's Flute. Raised to Level 4.

  3. Trip to the Northern Cave

    Visited Northern Cave. Raised to Level 5.

  4. Get the Copper Sword

    Purchased Copper Sword. Raised to Level 6.

  5. Raising Levels

    Raise to Level 7.

  6. Raid the Mountain Cave

    Visited Mountain Cave. Obtained Fighter's Ring, Gold, Torch, and Herb.

  7. Get the Half Plate Armor

    Purchased Half Plate Armor. Raised to Level 8.

  8. Get the Large Shield

    Purchased Large Shield.

  9. Visit the Isle of Rimuldar

    Visited Swamp Cave and Island of Rimuldar. Raised to Level 9.

  10. Rimuldar and the Magic Key Shop

    Visited Rimuldar. Purchased Broad Sword, Magic Keys. Obtained Stones of Sunlight.

  11. The Curse of the Death Necklace

    Obtained Death Necklace from Mountain Cave. Raised to Level 10.

  12. Get the Full Plate Armor

    Purchased Full Plate Armor.

  13. Raising Levels II

    Raised to Level 11

  14. The Grave of Garin

    Visited the Grave in Garinham. Obtained Silver Harp, Cursed Belt.

  15. Raising Levels III

    Raised to Level 12

  16. Damsel in Distress

    Rescued Princess Gwaelin. Obtained Gwaelin's Love.

  17. Raising Levels IV

    Raised to Level 13.

  18. Get the Magic Armor

    Purchased Magic Armor. Raised to Level 14.

  19. The Scary Rock Monster

    Visited Cantlin. Defeated Golem. Purchased Silver Shield.

  20. Get the Flame Sword

    Purchased Flame Sword. Raised to Level 16.

  21. Raising Levels V

    Raised to Level 16

  22. Raising Levels VI

    Raised to Level 17

  23. Get Erdrick's Armor

    Visited Hauksness. Obtained Erdrick's Armor.

  24. Raising Levels VII

    Raised to Level 18

  25. The Rainbow Bridge

    Obtained Erdrick's Token, Staff of Rain (traded for Silver Harp). Combined Staff of Rain and Stones of Sunlight into Rainbow Drop. Visited Southern Cave. Created Rainbow Bridge to Charlock Isle.

  26. Raising Levels VIII

    Raised to Level 19.

  27. Get Erdrick's Sword

    Obtained Erdrick's Sword. Visited Charlock Castle.

  28. Raising Levels IX

    Raised to Level 20.

  29. The Descendent of Erdrick

    Confronted and Defeated Dragonlord.

    1. Room of the Dragonlord
    2. The DragonLord
    3. Fully Healed (with Herbs)
    4. Battle with the DragonLord
    5. His True Form
    6. One Hit Before Death
    7. The Ball of Light
    8. King Lorik


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