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  1. Start of Game

    Obtain supplies. Create party (Hero, Soldier, Fighter, Pilgrim). Raised to Level 4.

  2. Get the Thief's Key

    Obtained Thief's Key and Magic Ball. Raised to Level 6.

  3. The Magic Travel Door to Romaly

    Traveled from Allihan to Romaly through Cave of Enticement. Raised to Level 9.

  4. Wake the Sleepy Village

    Retrieved Dream Ruby and Wake-Up Powder. Awoke the sleeping village of Noaniels. Raised to Level 12.

  5. Return the Golden Crown

    Retrieved Golden Crown from Kandar in the Tower of Shanpane. Returned it to King of Romaly. Raised to Level 14.

  6. Grave Robbin'

    Obtained Magic Key and Golden Claw from Pyramid. Found the Meteorite Armband. Raised to Level 17.

  7. I'm Sailing Away

    Obtained Black Pepper for King of Portoga. Received Ship. Raised to Level 19.

  8. The Final Key

    Obtained Final Key, Staff of Thunder, Vase of Drought. Placed Red & Green Orbs at Liamland. Raised to Level 21.

  9. Higher Education

    Obtained Book of Satori. Changed Aaris into Sage. Raised to Level 22.

  10. Aaah, Godzilla!

    Rescued Jipang from the Orochi. Obtained Noh Mask and Orochi Sword. Placed Purple Orb at Liamland. Raised to Level 24.

  11. The Useless Flute

    Obtained Echoing Flute, Water Blaster. Raised to Level 25.

  12. The Courageous Hero

    Obtained Blue Orb from Shrine at Lancel. Placed Blue Orb at Liamland. Raised to Level 28.

  13. The False King

    Rescued King of Samanao. Obtained Mirror of Ra, Lamp of Darkness, Staff of Transform, and Animal Suit. Raised to Level 29.

  14. Is it Ghost Pirates or Pirate Ghosts?

    Obtained Sword of Gaia, Sailor's Thigh Bone. Placed Yellow Orb at Liamland.

  15. Shrine of the Necrogond

    Placed Silver Orb at Liamland. Obtained the Phoenix Ramia. Raised to Level 33.

  16. The Archfiend Baramos

    Defeated the Archfiend Baramos. Raised to Level 35.

  17. Alefgard: World of Darkess

    Obtained Sword of Kings, Fairies Flute, Silver Harp, Staff of Rain, and Stone of Sunlight. Raised to Level 36.

  18. The Northwest Cave

    Obtained Shield of Heroes. Raised to Level 40.

  19. Free Hat, er, I mean Rubiss

    Obtained Sacred Amulet, Rainbow Drop, Sphere of Light. Built bridge to Charlock Isle. Raised to Level 41.

  20. Prepare the Way

    Removed Zoma's Granite Titan Guardians. Raised to Level 45.

  21. The Master Archfiend Zoma

    Defeated Master Archfiend Zoma.

    1. Ortega Battles the King Hydra
    2. The Floor of the Archfiend
    3. Battle the King Hydra
    4. Battle Baramos Bomus
    5. Batltle Baramos Gonus
    6. Heeeeeeeeeeere's Zoma
    7. The Final Round with Zoma
    8. Outside Tantegel Castle
    9. One Step Before Stairs to King's Chamber
    10. End Credits (state 0)


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