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  1. Quest of the Flying Shoes

    Raised to level 7. Found flying shoes.

  2. Save the Children

    Raised to level 12. Saved children of Izmit and Burland. Finished chapter 1.

  3. Rescue the Villagers

    Raised to level 6. Rescued the village of Tempe from monsters.

  4. The Thief's Key

    Raised to level 10. Got the Thief's Key.

  5. Heal the King

    Raised to level 12. Healed the king's voice.

  6. Tournament at Endor

    Won tournament at Endor. Completed chapter 2.

  7. The Iron Safe

    Raised to level 3. Found the iron safe.

  8. Stopping a War

    Raised to level 6. Kept Bonmalmo from invading Endor.

  9. Taloon: Shop Keeper

    Raised to level 10. Bought shop in Endor.

  10. Tunnel to Branca

    Completed the Branca/Endor Tunnel. Completed chapter 3.

  11. Sphere of Silence

    Raised to level 8. Found the Sphere of Silence.

  12. Gun Powder

    Raised to level 11. Found gun powder in Aktemto mine.

  13. Fleeing Our Homeland

    Fled Keeleon for Endor. Completed chapter 4.

  14. The Wagon

    Raised to level 10. Got the wagon.

  15. The Ship

    Raised to level 17. Got the ship.

  16. Padequia Heals All

    Got the Padequia root for Cristo.

  17. Keeleon: Revenge is Sweet

    Raised to level 19. Defeated Keeleon.

  18. Balzack: Unfinished Buisness

    Raised to level 21. Defeated Balzack.

  19. Zenithian Shield & Helmet

    Raised to level 24. Found the Zenithian shield and helmet.

  20. Zenithian Armor

    Raised to level 27. Found the Zenithian Armor.

  21. The Metal Babble Sword

    Raised to level 29. Found the Metal Babble Sword.

  22. The Royal Crypt

    Raised to level 33. Found the Staff of Transform.

  23. Esturk the Great

    Raised to level 34. Defeated Esturk the Great.

  24. The Zenithian Sword

    Raised to level 35. Found the Zenithian Sword.

  25. Tower to Zenithia

    Raised to level 36. Climbed Zenithian Tower to Zenithia.

  26. The Final Cave

    Raised to level 39. Went through final cave to The Final Refuge.

  27. Destroy the Barriers

    Raised to level 41. Destroyed the barriers on Necrosaro's Castle.

  28. The Final Battle

    Defeated Necrosaro.

    1. Necrosaro
    2. Fully Evolved
    3. One More Hit
    4. Necrosaro is Dead


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