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  1. Start of Game

    Start of game (Ftr, BlkBelt, W.Mage, B.Mage) to the Pirate Ship. Raised to Level 4.

  2. The Mystic Key

    Until the Mystic Key. Raised to Level 8.

  3. The Earth Crystal

    Restored Light to the Earth Crystal. Raised to Level 14.

  4. The Fire Crystal

    Restored Light to the Fire Crystal. Raised to Level 16.

  5. The Airship

    Obtained the Airship. Raised to Level 17.

  6. That Rat's Tail Could Have Come from Anywhere

    "Proved" our courage to Bahamut to get our class changes. Raised to Level 18.

  7. The Water Crystal

    Restored Light to Water Crystal. Raised to Level 22.

  8. The Air Crystal

    Restored Light to Air Crystal. Raised to Level 26.

  9. The Four Fiends Revisited + Chaos

    Destroyed the four fiends, again, and defeated Chaos. Raised to Level 27.

    1. Lich
    2. Kary
    3. Kraken
    4. Tiamat
    5. Chaos
    6. Last Round
    7. End Credits

Note: The walkthroughs I have seen on gamefaqs.com suggest an extreme level building strategy I don't think is necessary or even sane to win the game. Both faqs I looked at suggested raising to level 40 to take on Chaos. This seems extreme to me. I never did that when I played on my real Nintendo, and Nintendo Power didn't do that in their #17 issue (the strategy guide for this book). I made it through the Temple of Fiends (try running from EVERY monster, and use heal potions exclusively). It was part luck, as I ran away from 95% of the monsters). I have beaten the game at level 22 before, but it's a lot harder.

Also, Tiamat is very vulnerable to BRAK spells.

According to anomie (See the Solo White Mage Guide on gamefaqs), Chaos casts the following spells IN ORDER: ICE3 LIT3 SLO2 CUR4 FIR3 ICE2 FAST and NUKE. So if you haven't got him beat before he casts SLO2, you're in trouble. If you don't think you're strong enough, wait till after he casts CUR4. That way, you have 6 spells to cycle through instead of 3 before CUR4 comes up again. He also might attack though, so it's not necessarily that CUR4 will be used on the 4th turn.


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