The Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link by Nintendo © 1987

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  1. Parapa Palace

    Sealed the first palace in Parapa desert.

  2. Midoro Palace

    Sealed the second palace in the Midoro swamp.

  3. Death Mountain

    Got the Hammer from Death Mountain.

  4. Island Palace

    Sealed the third palace on the graveyard island.

  5. The Maze Palace

    Sealed the fourth palace in the maze island.

  6. The Sea Palace

    Sealed the fifth palace on the sea.

  7. Three-Eye Rock Palace

    Sealed the sixth palace by the Three-Eye Rock.

  8. The Great Palace

    Won the Triforce of Courage in the Great Palace.

    1. Thunderbird
    2. Shadow Link
    3. One More Hit
    4. End Credits


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