Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! by Nintendo © 1987

Save States
Made with FCEU 0.98.10

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Note: This game does not support save ram, so if you want to use an emulator other than FCEU, you will need to use the supplied passkeys. This means you cannot fight the individual fighters, only the 4 circuits (minor, major, world, mike tyson).

Note: These save states will not work with Punch-Out, the one where they replaced Mike Tyson with "Mr. Dream", but the passwords will work. The game doesn't give you a password for Mike Tyson (that I know of), but the last one will get you there. It's borrowed from a Nintendo Password book.

  1. Minor Circuit

    Won the World Virtual Boxing Association (W.V.B.A.) Minor Circuit Title. Passkey: 005 737 5423

    1. Glass Joe
    2. Von Kaiser
    3. Piston Honda
    4. Don Flamenco (Major Circuit)

  2. Major Circuit

    Won the W.V.B.A. Major Circuit Title. Passkey: 777 807 3454

    1. Don Flamenco
    2. King Hippo
    3. Great Tiger
    4. Bald Bull
    5. Piston Honda (World Circuit)

  3. World Circuit

    Won the W.V.B.A. World Circuit Title. Passkey: 267 853 7538

    1. Piston Honda
    2. Soda Popinski
    3. Bald Bull
    4. Don Flamenco
    5. Mr. Sandman
    6. Super Macho Man
    7. Mike Tyson

  4. Mike Tyson

    Beat Mike Tyson. Passkey: 007 373 5963

    1. Mike Tyson
    2. Winner by Decision
    3. Winner by T.K.O.


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