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  1. From Zanarkand to Spira

    Start of game through Spira ruins after Geosgaeno.

  2. Going to Besaid

    Wash up on Besaid Island after Sin's attack.

  3. Friends in Spira

    Joined Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, and Yuna to fight Sin.

  4. Kilika Temple

    Completed cloister of trials and took boat to Luca.

  5. Trouble in Luca

    Rescued Yuna. Found Auron. Played Blitzball. Defeated fiends.

  6. The Mi'ihen Highroad

    Saved Rin's chocobos. Crossed Mi'ihen Highroad.

  7. Operation Mi'ihen

    Defeated Sinspawn Gui.

  8. The Moonflow

    Defeated Extractor and joined Rikku.

  9. The Thunder Plains

    Crossed Thunder Plains and Macalania Woods. Defeated Spherimorph.

  10. Confront Maester Seymour

    Killed Maester Seymour. Washed up on Bikanel after Sin's attack.

  11. Traitors to Yevon

    Arrested in Bevelle and sentenced to death.

  12. Escape from Yevon

    Escaped from jail and made it to Mt. Gagazet.

  13. Sacred Mt. Gagazet

    Climbed Mt. Gagazet. Defeated Seymour Flux and Sanctuary Keeper.

  14. Zanarkand

    Defeated Spectral Keeper and Yunalesca.

  15. Sin

    Opened hole in Sin and defeated Seymour Omnis. Waiting at Tower of the Dead.

  16. Sidequests

    Got all the celestial weapons and conquored the Monster Arena.


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