Super Nintendo Save State Instructions

To use the save states on our website, follow these instructions. First, download and decompress the save state file. We recommend using 7-zip for this, but modern versions of Windows (XP or newer), Mac OS X (Tiger or newer), and Linux (anything with Gnome or KDE) should have built-in support for opening ZIP archives.

To use the save states (not the save ram), you must use ZSNES. Sometimes newer states will not open in older ZSNES versions and vice versa. If you have trouble with a particular state, try using either the Save RAM (.srm file) if possible, or the same version of ZSNES as the state was created with. We always archive the windows version of ZSNES used to create the states. The ZSNES website can be found here.

Work in progress (WIP) versions of ZSNES can be found here. If you use a PowerPC Macintosh, you will need to use Snes9x. The new ZSNES save state files are incompatible with Snes9x. You will need to use the save RAM (.srm) files rather than the save states. Intel Macs can run ZSNES now.

In Windows, the save states are placed in the same directory as the ROM, unless you have configured ZSNES to use a save directory. So just unzip the archive and copy the contents into your ROM directory. Under Linux, you need to put the files in your ~/.zsnes directory.

You will need the ROM to play the game.


Start the game in ZSNES and load the save state. We generally use the 0 save state when we distribute, unless there are multiple states for the archive, in which case we start at 1.

Note: The game must have the same name as the save state file for ZSNES to load it. I would recommend making a copy of your ROM and rename it if it doesn't match our save state names. If you have a different version of the ROM we have, our save states may not work. Please use NSRT to rename your SNES ROMs. It is an official tool for SNES ROM auditing from one of the authors of ZSNES and is widely considered the best one.

Don't like ZSNES?

If the game supports save ram (.SRM files), we also included those. These should be playable on any decent SNES emulator. You will need to consult the documentation for the emulator you use if you don't use ZSNES. We cannot help you with emulators we do not use.


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