Secret of Evermore Game Genie Codes

Heroes and monsters are invincible 8BA0-CD5A
Infinite alchemy ingredients 8EA4-C905 + 8EAE-11D5
Inns don't take your money 8E2F-178F
Item shops don't take your money 8E68-C4E8 + 8E6A-CD58
Ingredient shops don't take your money 8E6E-1778 + 8E6D-CD88
Equipment shops don't take your money 8E66-34E8 + 8E6B-3D58
Nobilia shops don't take your Jewels 8E20-1DEF
Get extra 32 items when trading in Nobilia CB30-CF77 + 4D30-CF57 + DD30-CF87
Keep old money after changing 8E25-CFEF + 8E26-CD8F
Attack bar is always charged 100% 826B-41DF + 8261-400F
Note: Special power-up attacks keep going until you switch control to the other character.
Attack bar is always charged 100% (alternate) 1BA9-475E + DDA9-478E + D0A9-47EE + 3CA1-4D7E
Power up any weapon to level 3 after one kill CBB9-3DE2 + E2B9-3F72 + D4B9-3F52
Power up any weapon after one kill (alternate) 1BB9-3DE2
Note: This gives you weird power up levels. It doesn't seem to affect the game, but there may be unforeseen problems.
Power up magic after each use 3CA9-11A5 + 3CA9-15D5
Infinite Bazooka Ammunition 3C67-390D


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