Updates from March 23, 2006 - Februrary 26, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

  1. I've updated the Linux binaries for all the recent program updates now. An unexpected bonus in space savings due to the fact that I'm using g++ 4.1. The standard C++ library and wxWidgets library are statically linked, so this shouldn't be a problem if you're not using g++ 4.1 on your system.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

  1. I've added VC++ 2005 support for the hack4u and z2se. New Win32 binaries are up for each.
  2. I've updated Final Fantasy SRAM Editor to version 1.2. This corrects soms sizing issues that happened after I recompiled with wxWidgets 2.6.
  3. I've added Mac OS X binaries to all the programs I recently updated. Both z2se and ffse underwent more than minor changes, but I went ahead and updated all the programs. Linux binaries should follow later today.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

  1. I've added VC++ 2005 support for the Super Metroid SRAM Editor. Again, there are no real changes to the program, so I've only made a new Win32 binary. Space savings are around 45%.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

  1. I've added VC++ 2005 support for the Metroid Password Generator. Again, there are no real changes to the program, so I've only made a new Win32 binary. Almost 43% space savings!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

  1. I've been playing around with Visual C++ 2005 Express since it's free. It makes much more efficient Win32 binaries than mingw32, so I updated dwsrame with VC++ project files and put up a new binary for Windows. I corrected some minor issues with the source in the process, so this is version 0.91. Since there are no "real" changes to the program, I didn't make Linux or OS X binaries, but the new Win32 binary is almost 50% smaller than the 0.90 mingw32 compiled binary.
  2. I added Visual C++ 2005 support for ffse as well. I made some minor changes to the code so you can compile it with unicode support. I apparently need to start testing unicode support better. As before, there are no "real" changes to the program, so I only released a new Win32 binary. Better than 40% space savings over the 1.0 version.

Friday, February 2, 2007

  1. Apparently I don't have anything better to do. I've completed the 0.90 beta of dwsrame, the Dragon Warrior (NES) SRAM editor I was working on. I guess it seemed like more work than it was.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

  1. I've been working on a Dragon Warrior (NES) SRAM editor off and on for the last three months. It's not finished, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to finish it, so I'm going to publish this beta version now. It can only edit the first valid save slot (whatever that happens to be, usually the first game), doesn't confirm save on exit, and has few validity checks. In other words, it's not polished. When I have time, I'll finish it. Here is a link to source and here is a win32 binary. No Mac OS X or Linux binaries are available right now, though the source should compile. I haven't tested it on either of these platforms yet.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

  1. It appears I forgot to include one of the DLL files in the Windows binary version of the Qt ggencoder program. A new archive is up now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

  1. I added some new Secret of Mana (SNES) game genie codes.
  2. I added some new Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) game genie codes.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

  1. I added a document describing the SRAM format of Secret of Evermore (SNES).
  2. I updated soesrame to version 0.92. Some minor display bugs were fixed as well as the sanity algorithm. This version also includes the SRAM document.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

  1. I updated soesrame to version 0.91. A couple minor bugs were fixed and the GUI has been redone to fit in 800x600 displays, mostly. It's a tight fit in Mac OS X, but it does fit. In reality, I would suggest using a resolution of 1024x768 or better.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

  1. I have created a new SRAM editor, this time for Secret of Evermore (SNES). I'm just realizing that it won't fit in 800x600 displays, sorry. I will try to fix this in the next revision.

Monday, August 21, 2006

  1. In an effort to save disk space, I have decided to support program binaries only for the three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. To this end, I will no longer be creating or hosting binaries for FreeBSD, Solaris, or any other system. The old binaries that were up have been removed.
  2. I have added universal Mac OS X binaries (PowerPC and Intel) for all my programs.
  3. Linux binaries for the latest version of the Qt Game Genie Encoder/Decoder program are now posted.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

  1. I have updated my Qt Game Genie Encoder/Decoder program to version 0.91. It fixes a small bug in decoding. Source code and windows binaries are up right now. Mac OS X and Linux binaries will follow soon. update: Mac OS X binaries are now up.

Friday, August 18, 2006

  1. After only five months, I have finally been able to create OS X binaries for hack4u. In addition, it is a universal binary. It should work natively on the new intel macs, as well as all the older PowerPC macs. I hope to have universal binaries for the other programs up soon.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

  1. Added save states for Final Fantasy III (US) (SNES).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

  1. Added ZSNES Key Combos for Street Fighter II (SNES).

Monday, June 19, 2006

  1. Added ZSNES Key Combos for Super Metroid (SNES).
  2. Added ZSNES Key Combos for Final Fantasy III (SNES).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

  1. Added game genie codes for Super Metroid (SNES).


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