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  1. Terra, Locke, and Edgar

    Start of game till South Figaro.

  2. Sabin and the Returners

    Defeated Ultros and split the party.

  3. Locke, Celes, Bannon, and Narshe

    Completed Locke's scenario. Completed Bannon's scenario.

  4. Sabin, Shadow, Cyan, and Gau

    Completed Sabin's scenario.

  5. Espers

    Rejoined Terra atop Zozo's Inn.

  6. The Magitek Factory

    Raided the Magitek Factory.

  7. The Sealed Cave

    Opened the sealed door to the Esper world.

  8. Thamasa

    Found the Espers in cave near Thamasa.

  9. World of Ruin

    Destroyed the world of balance.

  10. Reunited

    Rejoined Sabin and Edgar.

  11. The Falchon

    Rejoined Setzer and Cyan.

  12. Ghost Town

    Rejoined Mog and recruited Umaro.

  13. The Veldt

    Rejoined Shadow and Gau. Recruited Gogo.

  14. The Thamasan Two

    Rejoined Terra, Relm, and Strago.

  15. The Phoenix Cave

    Rejoined Locke.

  16. Hidon

    Defeated Hidon.

  17. Doma Revisited

    Cleansed Cyan's Soul.

  18. The Ancient Castle

    Raided the Ancient Castle.

  19. Cult of Kefka

    Raided the Fanatics Tower.

  20. Kefka's Tower

    Defeated Kefka.

    1. Just before Kefka.
    2. Kefka's dead.


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