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  1. Starts and Beginnings

    Defeated the Frog in Camlon Castle. Raised to Level 7.

  2. Nanai and the Quake Control

    Destroyed the Quake Control in Nanai. Raised to Level 9.

  3. There's Always a Damsel in Distress

    Rescued Nina from the Wizard. Raised to Level 10.

  4. The Elder of Tuntar

    Rescued the elder of Tuntar. Raised to Level 12.

  5. Aaah! Real Monsters!

    Rid Romero of the Zombies. Raised to Level 13.

  6. Water has nothing to do with Agua

    Brought the River back to Tantar. Raised to Level 14.

  7. Karn: King of Thieves

    Enlisted Karn in Krypt. Raised to Level 19.

  8. Towers of Light & Dark

    Got the LtKey and DkKey. Raised to Level 20.

  9. Stop Slave Labor Now

    Rescued the slaves from Gant. Raised to Level 21.

  10. Witches Bad. Sorceresses Good.

    Enlisted Bleu. Raised to Level 23.

  11. Mice are Better than Cockroaches

    Defeated Cort and Rescued Mogu. Raised to Level 25.

  12. The Great Bird

    Cured Nina's Amnesia. Raised to Level 27.

  13. Me Ogg. Him Called Zog

    Defeated the Dark Dragon Leader Zog. Raised to Level 28.

  14. Tyr: Goddess of Destruction

    Defeated Goda, Jade, and Tyr.

    1. Goda
    2. Jade
    3. Tyr
    4. Choice: Good or Bad Ending
    5. Last Round (vs. Agni)
    6. End Credits (Good Ending)
    7. Last Round (vs. Rudra)
    8. End Credits (Bad Ending)


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