Breath of Fire II by Capcom © 1993-1995

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Made with ZSNES 1.337

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Note: Newer versions of zsnes seem to have timing issues for this game. I was unable to play the game without crashing on the latest WIP versions or on version 1.36. But I had no problems with ZSNES 1.337. You may wish to use this version of ZSNES to play Breath of Fire II until they have resolved the timing issues.

  1. Pet Rangers

    Rescued Suzy Q for Mina. Raised to Level 6.

  2. The Coliseum

    Defeated the demon Augus and rescued Katt. Raised to Level 9.

  3. A Popular Theme: Damsel in Distress

    Rescued Mina from the Joker Gang. Raised to Level 10.

  4. Amber Alert in Capitan

    Rescued the missing villagers of Capitan. Raised to Level 12.

  5. The Frog Prince

    Removed the Witch Nimufu's Curse on Prince Jean. Raised to Level 14.

  6. Justice is Served

    Defeated the imposter Prince and caught Patty. Raised to Level 15.

  7. The Demon Trout

    Rescued Patty from the demon Trout. Raised to Level 17.

  8. Queen Kong

    Defeated Shupkay and got the Famous Flute. Raised to Level 23.

  9. The Therapy Pillow

    Got the Therapy Pillow from Tunlan. Raised to Level 28.

  10. The Great Wise Tree

    Defeated the demon inside the Great Wise Tree. Raised to Level 29.

  11. St. Namanda

    Prayed for a good harvest to St. Namanda. Raised to Level 30.

  12. The Great Bird

    Got the Great Bird of Windia. Raised to Level 33.

  13. Charles, er, Father Manson

    Defeated Father Manson and rescued Gainer. Raised to Level 36.

  14. Habaruku

    Defeated Habaruku and opens gates to Deathevn. Raised to Level 37.

  15. Dologeny

    Traveled to the Dragon Town Dologeny. Raised to Level 43.

  16. Deathevn

    Defeated Barubary and Deathevn.

    1. Barubary
    2. Choice: Fight Alone or with Friends
    3. Hall of Deathevn
    4. Deathevn
    5. Last Round
    6. End Credits


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