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Save States
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Note: These save states are for the Final Fantasy II US version. This is not the same as the Japanese Final Fantasy IV. It is equivalent to the Japanese Final Fantasy IV: "Easy Type" version, but it may be more heavily censored for America. I do not know all the details. Though I haven't tried it, the save ram files (not the save states, the .srm files) may work on the FF4j version. I cannot say with any certainty though, as I have not tested this.

  1. Start of Game

    Start of game up until Damcyan. Raised to Level 14.

  2. Fabul

    Lose Crystal of Wind. Raised to Level 17.

  3. The Paladin Cecil

    Become a Paladin. Raised to Level 11.

  4. Make it So Number 1

    Got the Airship "Enterprise". Raised to Level 16.

  5. The Dark Elf

    Retrieved Crystal of Earth from Dark Elf. Raised to Level 21.

  6. Damsel in Distress

    Rescued Rosa. Raised to Level 24.

  7. Valley of the Dolls

    Defeated the Calbrenna. Raised to Level 26.

    1. Normal Savestate
    2. You Can Do the Rydia Trick Here

  8. The Tower of Bab-il

    Defeated Dr. Lugae. Raised to Level 30.

  9. We've Already Used all Our Star Trek Names

    Got the Airship Falchon. Raised to Level 33.

  10. If the Cave is Sealed, Why are We Opening It?

    Retrieve the Dark Crystal. Raised to Level 39.

  11. The Land of Summon Monsters

    Get Asura and Leviatan. Raised to Level 45.

  12. The Big Whale

    Get the Big Whale Starship. Raised to Level 46.

  13. Moon Men Sure Have Weird Names

    Gained FuSoYa. Raised to Level 49.

  14. The Giant of Bab-il

    Defeated the Giant of Bab-il. Raised to Level 51.

  15. Treasure Huntin'

    Raided the Final Cave for Treasure. Raised to Level 60.

  16. End Game

    Defeated Zeromus.

    1. FuSoYa and Golbez Fight Zemus
    2. Zeromus
    3. Zeromus' True Form
    4. Last Round
    5. Zeromus is Dead
    6. End Credits


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