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  1. Start of Game

    Rescued the King of Sheran. Raised to Level 5.

  2. The Ship Maberia

    Retrieved the Maberia. Raised to Level 10.

  3. Artea's Apprentice

    Defeated the Apprentice. Raised to Level 13.

  4. Reyna and the Ghost

    Rescued Reyna. Raised to Level 15.

  5. The Elf-Child Jerin

    Rescued Jerin from the Follower. Raised to Level 17.

  6. Plunder the Old Cave

    Raided the old cave floors 3 & 4.

  7. The Three Towers

    Got the Green Jade. Raised to Level 20.

  8. The Water Fairy

    Recsued the Water Fairy. Raised to Level 22.

  9. Piron the Architect

    Helped Piron repair the bridge to Arus. Raised to Level 29.

  10. The Tower of Light

    Defeated the Guardian. Raised to Level 32.

  11. The Doom Island Researcher

    Found Clack. Raised to Level 35.

  12. Alumina

    Found Brant and 6 Pieces of Alumina. Raised to Level 41.

  13. The Purple Newt

    Got the final piece of Alumina from King Herat. Raised to Level 43.

  14. The Dual Blade

    Found the Dual Blade inside Doom Island. Raised to Level 45.

  15. The Power Oil

    Got Power Oil for Falchon. Raised to Level 47.

  16. The Final Underling

    Defeated Nazeby in Glasadar Tower. Raised to Level 53.

  17. The Sinistrals

    Defeated the Sinistrals.

    1. The Dual Blade
    2. Gades
    3. Amon
    4. Daos
    5. Guard Daos
    6. Last Round with Guard Daos
    7. End Credits


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