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  1. Fun in the Bugmuck

    Defeated Thraxx and Rescued Strong Heart. Raised to Level 8.

  2. The Quest for Mud Pepper

    Defeated Salabog and Rescued Blimp. Raised to Level 11.

  3. Fire Eyes and the Evil Twin

    Defeated Magmar in the Volcano. Raised to Level 14.

  4. Gladiator

    Defeated Vigor in the Colosseum. Raised to Level 17.

  5. Sacred Diamond Eye of the Pyramid

    Defeated Rimsala for a Diamond Eye. Raised to Level 22.

  6. Sacred Diamond Eye in the Hall of Collasia

    Defeated Megataur for a Diamond Eye. Raised to Level 24.

  7. Pretty Pink Poodle

    Defeated Aegis and Aquagoth. Raised to Level 26.

  8. The Big Chessboard

    Defeated the Footknight. Raised to Level 27.

  9. Dragons and Rats

    Defeated Timerdrake Dragon and the Verminator. Raised to Level 29.

  10. Long Live the King

    Defeated Mungola and rescued the King. Raised to Level 31.

  11. Rocketman

    Found the Rocket Parts. Raised to Level 32.

  12. Professor Ruffelburg, I presume?

    Found the Energy Core. Raised to Level 36.

  13. Big Bad Robot

    Defeated Carltron.

    1. Raptors
    2. Eye of Rimsala's
    3. Magmar
    4. Carltron
    5. End Credits


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