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  1. Why Is It Always a 17-year Old Kid?

    Joined the girl (Alena) and the sprite (Vantha). Raised to level 7.

  2. The Witch's Castle

    Defeated the witch Elinee. Raised to level 11.

  3. Thanatos and the Pandoran Ruins

    Rescued villagers from Thanatos. Raised to level 14.

  4. Evil Empires and the Scorpion Army

    Retrieved the water seed. Raised to level 16.

  5. The Upper Land

    Saved Moogle Village and rescued Flammie. Raised to level 21.

  6. Santa Claus and the Frost Gigas

    Got the fire seed back from Santa Claus. Raised to level 27.

  7. The Fire Palace

    Defeated Minotaur in the Fire Palace. Raised to level 30.

  8. The Empire

    Smashed the Northtown ruins. Raised to level 34.

  9. The Palace of Darkness

    Got Shade's powers and Flammie Drum. Raised to level 40.

  10. Tasnica

    Defeated the Dark Stalker in Tasnica. Raised to level 43.

  11. The Tree Palace

    Gained Dryad's powers. Raised to level 52.

  12. The Pure Land

    Found the Mana Tree. Raised to level 60.

  13. The Mana Fortress

    Defeated Buffy and Dread Slime. Raised to level 66.

  14. End Game

    Defeated Thanatos and the Mana Beast.

    1. Before Thanatos
    2. After Thanatos
    3. After Mana Beast / End Credits


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