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  1. Yoshi's Island

    Finished Yoshi's Island and defeated Iggy Koopa.

  2. The Donut Plains

    Finished Donut Plains and defeated Morton Koopa.

  3. The Vanilla Dome

    Finished Vanilla Dome and defeated Lemmy Koopa.

  4. Twin Bridges

    Completed Twin Bridges and defeated Ludwig von Koopa.

  5. Forest of Illusion

    Completed Forest of Illusion and defeated Roy Koopa.

  6. Chocolate Island

    Completed Chocolate Island and defeated Wendy O. Koopa.

  7. Valley of Bowser

    Completed Valley of Bowser and defeated Larry Koopa.

  8. The Star Road

    Completed Star Road and Special World. All 96 exits are complete here.

    1. Before Completing Funky
    2. After Completing Funky

  9. Bowser

    Defeated Bowser: King Koopa.

    1. Back Door to Koopa Castle
    2. Bowser
    3. Round 2
    4. Round 3
    5. One more hit should do it.
    6. Bowser is defeated.
    7. End credits.


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