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Note: I followed the speed run made by 'Red Scarlet' in playing this out. I'm not good enough to do a speed run, but I did use a lot of the special tricks (e.g. one-wall jump, mock ball, crystal flash, shine spark) to get places, and some of the states require that you play it that way. I might play it without using these tricks later to make it easier for others.

Note 2:If you need help, visit Metroid 2002. It's great at helping you do the moves and special tricks.

  1. Kraid

    Defeated Brinstar Boss: Kraid.

  2. The Speed Booster

    Got the Speed Booster, among other things.

  3. Phantoon

    Defeated Wrecked Ship Boss: Phantoon.

  4. Treasure Hunting: Part I

    Got Missiles, Super Missiles, Power Bombs, and Energy Tanks.

  5. Draygon

    Defeated Maridia Boss: Draygon.

  6. Crocomire

    Defeated Crocomire in Norfair.

  7. Ridley

    Defeated Norfair Boss: Ridley.

  8. Treasure Hunting: Part II

    Retrieve the final items, like the X-Ray Scope.

  9. Mother Brain

    Defeated Mother Brain

    1. Mother Brain
    2. Big Mother Brain
    3. Baby Metroid Saves Us
    4. Mother Brain is Dead
    5. End Credits


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